Recipe Testing-Oh My!

Yes, it’s probably no surprise that I spent most of the day testing and working on this sauce creation. I think I have roasted about 20 bell peppers in the course of 48 hours or so! This is a labor of love, but with a share of head scratching mixed in. I’ve included a couple of photos for you to enjoy while I continue on my quest.


On the left you’ll see the base components of my sauce; and on the right you’ll see one of the two versions of the red pepper sauces I made today.

Are we making progress on this? Yes, I believe we are on the right path. Do we need to work out some kinks and try to make sense of what we have done so far? Once again, yes — yes we must spend some time mastering the mechanics of this sauce until I get it just right. I promise that I will share the recipe when it is fully completed.

Do I have anything else forthcoming? Yes! Upcoming posts will include grilled tri-tip roast, plus a how-to on mangoes and roasted garlic. Curious? I hope so!

Stay tuned for all this and more!

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