Foodie vs Giordano’s Pt 1

If you are looking for an amazing appetizer and cold beverage in Chicago, then do yourself a huge favor and go to Giordano’s!! This is a quintessential slice of Chicago foodie culture!! While you are there, dive into this stunning bruschetta! So good!! Then wash it down down with a local brew and you will have an amazing day no matter what you do!


20160411_130532 (2)


Speaking of slice, did you know that Giordano’s boasts some Chicago’s favorite and most sought after deep dish pizza?? Oh yeah, we are doing to get deep into that soon! Okay, I need to quit making pizza jokes! It is around that time! 🙂

Check them out! It is worth every bite!!

Chicago’s Über Insider Sandwich Guide

Top 10 Reasons To Go To Hannah’s Bretzel:





Pretzel buns or rolls. Need I say more??

Artisan ingredients.

Perfect atmosphere, both indoor and out.

Balanced and ridiculous flavor profiles.

A true sandwich shop.

Truly local to Chicago.

Gluten Free options.

Organic is king.

Freshly sliced Prosciutto de Parma in front of your eyes.

They have chocolate.


You must go get a sandwich from there! You won’t, nay, you can’t be disappointed by what they have to offer!