Longman and Eagle Plus Billy Sunday-Chicago Edition

During my time in the Windy City, my Chicago blogger and foodie crew thought that I needed to check out Longman and Eagle while exploring the city. Not only is it an institution they said, but this is quintessential Chicago. It was outside of downtown in a neighborhood called Logan Square so the feeling was very different right off the bat. There were houses, business, and apartments through this neighborhood without the hustle and bustle of city central. However, Longman and Eagle wasn’t short on either of those things. The light was low, the place was packed, the old school pub vibe was front and center, and it was perfect!

While reading the menu with a beverage in hand, two things caught my attention, root beer and pork. That was all I needed and I was sold. This dish truly had everything! The pork was tender and perfectly cooked. You could taste the root beer, but it was subtle and not overpowering. The braised red cabbage had some acidity and bite to help offset the sweetness of the root beer and the sweet potato puree. If you go, and you should, I totally recommend this!!! You can’t go wrong!




20160410_212659 (2)


This dish ate so well. I seriously could have had this plate again and again. Not only that, but if you pair it with a drink of your choice you can’t go wrong! Here is a little story while I was there at L & E.  I had spent most of my time snapping pictures like a crazy mad man. I think in the five days I was in Chicago, I took about six hundred photos!!! So, here I am, the light is low and the vibe is chill. I had originally tried to take the photo without any additional lighting hoping to capture the raw beauty of this dish. No surprise, I didn’t get any decent photos out of the deal. Next to me were two guys having a beverage, but they seemed to think I was some kind of an alien because I was taking photos of my drink, the menu, and finally the food.  Every time that the flash went off, I received a very unpleasant dirty stare.  They even went so far as to mumble under their breath about how “weird” it was that I was taking photos of this gorgeous plate. Honestly, I felt a bit put off by the whole thing. One thing about me, I hate feeling like others don’t think I am doing the right thing or somehow I am bothering them by doing something that I imagine happens there all the time! Truth is, this was the only time that me taking photos was ever a problem while I was dining in Chicago. I enjoyed the rest of my dinner quietly and headed out.

After that, I needed to decompress and I ended up landing a few blocks away at Billy Sunday. This is a super unique bar, old school, and another Chicago treasure. Although you can get your everyday mixed beverage, Billy Sunday is about specialty drinks. They have a very unique drink menu that changes often and offers a variety of flavorful profiles. The best part is that you can taste some of the spirits on the shelves. I was fortunate enough to taste a really good whiskey that once I got back I home I had to find some myself. Oh, did I mention that I like whiskey? It is my personal beverage of choice whether it is neat, on the rocks, mixed, shaken or stirred.

The point is that you need to go to Longman and Eagle, then go get a drink at Billy Sunday. You won’t be disappointed!



  1. Root Beer glazed Pork Chops. I am in mouth-watering awe. And how perfect is sweet potato puree with that?

    OK – can you think of a way to do this in a slow-cooker, or do you recommend another way to do this at home?

    • Hi Courtney,

      Let me look into this and I will let you know. Maybe you will have inspired a new blog post! 🙂 Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts with me! 🙂

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