Follower Recipe Challenge Announcement

A few days ago, I posted a challenge to my social media followers. Instead of sharing a recipe with you guys, I wanted you to give me something you would like to see me make. Whether that was a something you were fearful of making, wanted to see my twist or just wanted to challenge my home cooking skills.

Here we go…..I will now announce what recipe I will be putting my twist on.


That’s right. Risotto. It will be my own unique take on this Italian classic comfort dish. In fairness and with total transparency, I’ve never  attempted to make risotto before. This will be a completely new challenge that I have never attempted before.

Oh, if that wasn’t interesting enough, I have added a new wrinkle to this challenge. Not only am I going to attempt risotto for the first time, but I am going to attempt two or three variations that suit my culinary point of view!

Two or three versions….do you think I can do it?? Stay tuned because this should be fun!!

As usual, send me an email, comment or let me know what you think!

Special thanks to Erin @312food and LRB @chifoodpaparazzi on Instagram for the amazing feedback! On a side note, you should be following them if you aren’t doing so already!




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