Foodie vs Giordano’s Pt 2-Deep Dish Pizza

Chicago is known for one thing, deep dish pizza.


20160411_134651 (2)


Here are my top 10 reasons why you need to check out deep dish pizza at Giordano’s:


Giordano’s is an iconic Chicago foodie destination

This is true deep dish pizza

Inviting ambiance

Flavorful sauce and everything is well seasoned

They will make how you want it

Being served this deep dish is an experience unto itself.

There is plenty of time to enjoy a beverage or two since cooking this pie can take 45 minutes or more

You won’t leave hungry

Perfect place to bring your friends and family

Because pizza


20160411_134854 (2)


The only issue was the dough was a bit under cooked. Not in a manner by where the pie wasn’t edible, however, it was noticeable and did detract from the experience a little bit. Make not mistake, that wouldn’t stop me from going back and eating more and more!

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