Hello Fom The Road!

Greetings from the Bay Area!! It has been an awesome trip so far! I can’t begin to tell you about the food that I’ve eaten and made over the last few days! It has been quite the variety. Here is a quick update on some of the things I have eaten. Trust me there is plenty more to come.

I had some perfect Chicken Piccatta from an amazing hotel and restaurant in Carmel, CA. Piccatta is a lightly sauteed chicken with a lemon sauce that has capers and wine as the base of the sauce. Seriously, if you can find this, make it now! It is so good!!

Homemade Spanish Tortilla which is a lot like a quiche, but the application is much simpler. You can flavor it with anything! It is so quick to make. You can use it for any meal and it can be on the table in 20 minutes.

Some lamb and beef gyros from a local Mediterranean hotspot with taztizki( a yogurt sauce with cucumber and lemon) and home made pestos that are to die for! So good! I’m hungry just thinking about it!

This is just beginning of the list of some of the great food on this trip. I look forward to sharing mor with you as the trip continues.

Oh, in case you are wondering where the photos are….well, turns out that I am being thwarted by technology. Sad, right? The technology I am using is only allowing me to limp along, but I won’t be able to correct it until I return to homebase. I know, sad, but think about all the photos that will be waiting to make their blog debut.

Stay tuned! This adventure continues!!

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