Ready for a Road Trip

I’m pretty excited as I prepare for a week long trip into California and to parts of the Southwest that will feature amazing food, great drinks, and some stellar company. Who will be accompanying me on this adventure? Well, as it is Father’s Day weekend coming up, it would seem fitting that I take this trip with my dad. I suppose you could call this a boys trip if you will. Throughout my life, we have taken a few trips and have had many adventures along the way. I am looking forward to adding a list of new adventures and stories to the mix.

Since I won’t be stationary as much, it will be likely that my postings could be sporadic. However, I think the food will be stunning and I’m excited to share them with you as I can. I plan to resume normal blogging activity after I return which will be about 2 weeks from today’s date. Remember, the blog will have activity, so keep checking back to see what new content has arrived.


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