Pasta Palooza Update

Alright, I wanted to give you all an update on my pasta palooza adventure. I think it should start with the fact that I bought a 25 pound bag of flour. Yes, yes I did. If you need some, just let me know and I can ship some to you. Okay, just kidding. I digress, I bought this giant bag for a couple of reasons, a small bag of flour goes so fast when you are making 2-3 balls of pasta dough at a time. Plus, flour gets used for everything like making the dough, finishing the dough, cleaning your hands after making the dough, and of course, wearing some of that flour too. Perhaps I’m too deep into this pasta quest? Oh well, on with the show!

So, what have I been working on? Well, I have been working on getting the dough to the proper consistency so it can be cut into pasta shapes or used for ravioli. Yes, for the last two days I have been making and testing dough. I am making good progress, but I have just a few things left to work out.

Oh, I decided to take this to another level since I was so inspired by the pasta class, so I acquired a hand crank pasta roller. Let me say, it is an awesome piece of kitchen equipment and worth having if you want to make fresh pasta. The down side is that the first one I purchased had a pasta cutter that didn’t want to work. Heck, it wouldn’t cut a sheet of wax paper. If it can cut paper, it won’t cut anything, certainly not pasta dough. The pasta machine has 3 functions, it will roll the pasta out to various levels of thicknesses, you can can cut angel hair pasta(super slim spaghetti), and it will cut fettuccine. So, I am waiting to receive my replacement and then I can share more about it. But, it is important to know that if you don’t have one of these machines, don’t worry, you can still roll the dough and cut it into noodle shapes just as easily.

Am I spending a lot of time on this? Yes, I am. However, there are a number of elements that have to work in concert together in order to have the perfect pasta. I don’t plan on giving up on this, because I am super excited to share with you what I have learned. That is the point, right? I am sharing my passion and I want all of you to be able to make your own homemade pasta. Also, learning new skills can take time and that is part of the fun of being in the kitchen.

Stay tuned and keep checking back as I will be posting more on this pasta venture soon!


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