Salvo of Sauces Follow Up

So, I was talking about the versatility of the blueberry balsamic barbecue sauce and I wanted to share how else you could use it. We grilled some chicken breasts and in the last 5 minutes on the grill I slathered on some of the barbecue sauce and let it adhere, caramelize, and get all bubbly. So, here is the finished product for your enjoyment.


It combined with a perfectly cooked piece of chicken to create literally some of the most delicious, and juicy to grilled chicken breasts, and added some subtle complexity to the dish. Seriously, this sauce is so good!

What’s more, we still had some left for dipping! How can you beat that?

Yes, we served it with a beautiful salad, but options are limitless. Hope this inspires you to break out the blueberry barbecue sauce for your next grilled chicken dish!

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