Recipe Testing Madness

Okay, let me first say, if this isn’t plainly obvious, recipe testing is hard and it sure doesn’t look as gritty on TV as it does in real life. Surprise, right? No, no surprise for me either.

Anyway, I am still working on this sauce with about 3 days to go. Plenty of time right? Maybe I should have started to work on my changes with 4 days to go, because that extra day would have made all the difference. šŸ™‚

For those of you who are waiting patiently for a new post, have no fear! I have a ton of blog ideas that I am working on, but just need more time to develop them — especially with recipe testing at the forefront. Plus, with life and being an adult getting in the way, my time has been limited this week. But I hope that changes soon.

So, stay tuned!

  1. Well chop chop Mr. Adult. Your loyal followers are awaiting!!!

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