Here we go!


Well, here is my first official blog post! I am looking forward to these Table Fare adventures. So, how should we start? By cooking, of course! On the menu tonight is beer and balsamic braised short ribs (courtesy of the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman) and mushroom pilaf. Photos to come once this is completed.

For the record, this is a great go to recipe for a special occasion to share. The only downside is, like painting a portrait, this recipe does require great patience and attention. I relate this to channeling my inner Mr Miyagi. “Patience, Foodi-son.”

Yes, all the normal pitfalls still exist. For example, poor ventilation(no windows for cross breeze), insufficient counter space, and this is a one man show unless whomever you are sharing the kitchen with is willing to dance with you. If you are like me, you would prefer not to have to dance because you are a terrible dancer. Oh, wait, this is about cooking not dancing and thank goodness for that! So, on with the show!

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