Summer Days of Cooking

Did I mention that homemade jam is amazing? I was so happy with how the strawberry jam came out that I woke up dreaming about more jam. So, the first thing I did was go to the store so I could make some raspberry jam as well! Okay, confession time, I was actually looking to make blackberry jam, but they aren’t in season just yet, so I opted for some amazing raspberries instead. Like the strawberry jam, the raspberry jam was a smashing success! I have pictures to share and will follow up on this later.

On deck tonight, is salmon with a grilled lemon butter sauce. Yep, we are going to grill the lemons to help add some additional complexity to the sauce. Also, we aren’t going to finish the sauce with butter, but bring the lemon juice and the butter together into one rich, lemony sauce.

Sounds good, right? Stay tuned.  These posts are still to come!

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