Better McBreakfast
While running errands this morning before having anything to eat, I began to dream about breakfast. Seems logical, right? So, looking at Greasy spoon 1, McBreakfast here, Breakfast King there, I suddenly wanted a breakfast sandwich. But with all the questions of what’s in this, how is it made, and what it might cost — I knew it was pretty likely I could make it exactly the way I wanted it, and not in a microwave. 
So, a breakfast sandwich it is!
Your ingredients:
  • English Muffin, any bread will do if English muffins aren’t your thing. 
  • Sausage, you can always use chicken sausage or a substitute a meat option of your choice.
  • Eggs, I like scrambled eggs, but an over easy or fried egg would take this to another level.
  • Cheese, in my opinion cheddar is better but any cheese will do. You could also go with a pepper jack, a smoked cheese, or mozzarella.  I prefer slicing it off the block myself, but do what makes sense for you.
 As usual, this comes together really quickly.  Most of  that time is taken up by cooking the sausage or other meat option.
Oh, this is might be the same price as McBreakfast’s sandwiches, but the quality and homemade value is, well, priceless.
Boom. Done.
Photos you say? Okay, here you go.
 Your ingredients


Sorry McBurger King, our is better!

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